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Seat Belt Repair or Replacement
I experienced a seat belt buckle failure on a car 23 years old. The options for replacement are not good. A recycled belt of unknown quality and non matching color is not my choice. New belts can be purchased from suppliers who offer few color or hardware choices.
I had a very good experience with a belt company in Oklahoma City called It is a small company that insists on performing only lawful repairs or replacements. They were able to repair the broken buckle and charged $75 plus shipping. I was very pleased to be able to return my car to its original build.
I then dealt with a very helpful gentleman named Steve Pekrul who worked with me to replace the original 2 piece belts in my 1970 vintage vehicle with modern 3 point belts. Steve was patient and explained the options which resulted in new belts that look like original equipment even to the color and buckles, but work like modern belts. The cost for everything including shipping was $209 for both front seats. Contact him at <>
The company web site is http://ww w.seatbeltplanet.comcheck it out.

6420 S Airport Depot
Oklahoma City, OK 73135

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