Month: November 2009

People and Their Big New Cars!

I used to live on quiet Marrowstone Island for ten years while building our house. It’s a lovely area about 12 miles from the beautiful Victorian seaport town of Port Townsend, WA. There are no freeways in this area so

Motorcycles I Have Known

My father was called a Speed Demon‚ when I was a kid. As he roared down those country roads around our area, he saved his serious swear words for bicyclists. As he slid around corners or flew over a hill,

2009 Appreciation Certificates

These Certificates of Appreciation were presented at the November 7, 2009 planning meeting.

The Desert Mercury

If you look at a map of the Mediterranean area, you can see that the country of Libya lies along the bottom. A land of desert, mountains and seacoast, Libya was an important province during the Roman Empire with large

Auto Action News – Nov-Dec 2009

2009-11 – Auto Action News