Year: 2011

2011 Appreciation Certificates

These Certificates of Appreciation were presented at the November 5, 2011 planning meeting.

Tupelo Auto Museum Recommendation

I have received a note from Dr. Phil Williams informing me of an excellent museum in Tupelo, Mississippi. This museum has a Tucker complete with the original tires, among many other vehicles. You can check it out on their web

Tallahassee Automobiles and Collectibles Museum Visit

In May of 2011 my wife and I stopped and visited a private museum in Tallahassee, Florida. It is a very well done and interesting museum with many collections other than automobiles. They have a Tucker car and a Tucker

Frank Calandra’s Tucker Story

Mr. Higday, I read your “Update” at the bottom of Steve Laubly’s web site and the article on the Ferreria’s at I met Bev at the one and only Tucker Club convention I attended back in the 80s.

Lou’s 2nd Tucker Letter

Yes, I am very happy that you would add my experience as a teenager with the 48 Tucker. I’ve never hesitated to tell all I know about that experience I had with such a great car. It truly was a

Lou’s Tucker Story

When I was a teenager and lived in Collinsville, Illinois, I worked at a Studebaker dealership as a mechanic and body man helper, and I also took care of the show room cars that the dealership had on display. I

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