CB Radio Purpose

When thinking of our CHVA tours and how much we enjoy them for the camaraderie and good fun, it always kind of bothers me when we have tour participants who for one reason or another do not have a CB radio. I keep thinking about the additional fun and enhancement these provide to the tour experience, and that is being missed by these folks.

When Judy and I first joined the Redwood Region of CHVA some 12 years ago, she took my birthday as an excuse to present me with a CB radio gift. We have been using this radio ever since and it has become an integral part of our tour equipment. I want to share this info with you.

At the time of purchase this radio was a pricey luxury, but I came to appreciate its total flexibility, because it required no installation at all. It can be moved from vehicle to vehicle by simply plugging the power cord into the cigarette lighter and placing the magnetic base antenna on the roof of the vehicle. The complete radio fits in your hand. As simple as that it can be used on any vehicle, except plastic body cars which require some ingenuity to get to metal for the antenna base.

Because the antenna is probably one of the most important components of the CB radio, it makes a significant difference in performance if a better antenna is used. We have 2 cars that we regularly use on tours, so I have made more permanent antenna installations with the cable routed through the car to the drivers seat. That makes hooking up the radio about a 1 minute operation.

It has come to my attention that the same radio I have been using for the past 12 years is now available at a significant reduction in price. I am referring to the Midland Model 75-822 which can be purchased on line at Amazon.com for $76.98 with free shipping.

They are also available at Walmart and other on-line sources for prices in the same neighborhood.

You will notice that this radio is convertible to a hand held portable which may increase its usefulness.