A Close Encounter with the Tucker Automobile

It was before my time, so I missed the tour to Las Vegas that the club took in ______ . It was on this tour that Bev had tire trouble, it was then that Steve Laubly stopped and took a series of pictures of the Tucker. He subsequently posted the pictures on his web site. http://www.laubly.com/1948tucker.htm I wrote to him and filled in some of the background on Bev and the car. I also referenced the profile story of Bev and his wife Dorothy, published in our February, 2004, Auto Action News newsletter. This story is now posted on our web site at http://www.chvaredwoodregion.org/Site/Bev_and_Dorothy_Ferreria.html  Bev died in February of 2009, his estate sold the Tucker at auction in June, 2009 for $750,000.

I have since received several first person accounts from people who had experiences connected to the Tucker car. One of the first was from Frank Calandra relating his meeting with Bev and his life long love affair with the Tucker. See his letter at http://www.chvaredwoodregion.org/Site/Frank_Calandra_Letter.html

Then I received a note from Lou Papproth telling about the days in his youth when he was responsible for taking care of the Tucker in the Studebaker show window. See his letter athttp ww.chvaredwoodregion.org/Site/Lou_Papproth_Ltr.html

I have since received a note from Keith and Eileen Carpenter who attended a convention with Bev. They included pictures of their completely restored Tucker.

For more information on the history of the rise and fall of the Tucker Corporation with detail that does not always follow the very well done movie. It is an interesting read. http://www.thefreelibrary.com/What+caused+the+Tucker+automobile+corporation+to+fail%3f-a0189290263