Yosemite Tour September 2008

September 11, 12, & 13, 2008
Co-Hosted by Chuck and Ann Harrison with Bob and Judy Higday
Story by Judy Higday

Planning the tour with Ann and Chuck Harrison was fun. The response from the membership was overwhelming. The weather and the accommodations were perfect. The end result was a fun two nights and three days.

Starting the trip on a Thursday did not affect the number who signed up. We had 52 people along for the ride.

Lunch and a tour of the Hilmar Cheese factory was a great stopover on our way to Mariposa. Of course the visit to a classic car dealer was a hit. We all came away with a dream car in mind.

Steve Wright joined up with us and led the way to Mariposa where a marvelous dinner was organized at a local restaurant.

So great was the service and the meal that many went back the next night.

Friday morning the group left for the Ahwahnee Hotel and a wonderful brunch in the dining room, followed by free time in the Park, before touring up to the Glacier Point Lookout. What a magnificent view that provided. Free time after that was spent in many different ways and people found their own way back to the motel in Mariposa.

We all lined up after breakfast on Saturday and headed to the Mariposa Grove of magnificent giant redwood trees. Some hiked the trails, some rode the trolley, and all enjoyed the grandeur.

Lunch was at the Jackalope Bar and Grill at the beautiful Tenaya Hotel located just outside the park. Once again we traveled on our stomachs like true CHVA ers.

A visit to Steve and Vicki Wrights to see their lovely home and property and enjoy Steve’s collection housed in his enviable garage/ shop, was topped off with a spread of delicious appetizers and drinks and great hospitality.

Following this we all found our own way home after a really wonderful experience in this amazing grandeur.