Lou’s 2nd Tucker Letter

Yes, I am very happy that you would add my experience as a teenager with the 48 Tucker. I’ve never hesitated to tell all I know about that experience I had with such a great car. It truly was a big highlight in my life back then and I still am very proud to have been able to see the Tucker auto real hands on and close back then.

Just a little info on the experience I had when I worked at the Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green, KY. I was on the Front Bumper or Fascia assembly for the Corvette and this one fella I met was with the company that fabricated the front Fascias for the Vette. We got to talking about cars and I told him about the 48 Tucker. He then told me that he was a member of the 48 Tucker Club and that he would send me a poster that had the 48 Tucker on it.

His name was Mark Lieberman, and he was connected with:

PO Box 569
Bloomfield Hills MI 48303

I have a rather large Framed Picture of the 48 TUCKER that my daughter bought for me. So the 48 Tucker memory will always be around for me.